Responsibilities Of A Customs Broker

May 27 2015

Hiring a customs broker is extremely important for importers and exports to facilitate their trade activities. Licensed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), customs brokers are responsible to comply with all the federal requirements and trade laws for international consignments. They will handle all the paperwork required and make sure that the goods are safely cleared from the customs, while you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Given here are some the responsibilities that a customs broker is liable to handle:

  • Represent Clients: A customs broker is responsible for representing clients in all the customs related transactions. He explains you all the updated customs laws and regulations and ensures that everything is properly followed. By hiring a customs broker, you are eased from the burden of filling out paperwork, obtaining bonds, classifying merchandize and handling other important tasks.
  • Handle Customs Transactions: The customs broker will submit all the documents required to get the good your imported goods cleared from the customs department. He will prepare the entry form specifying all the required information such as cargo classification code, source country, quantity and total weight. They usually have an Automated Broker Interface (ABI) through which they can electronically transmit all this information to the U.S. customs officials. The broker also helps clients in completing the paperwork required to import or export goods.
  • Payment Of Fees And Duties: You need to pay customs duty within 10 days of your shipment’s arrival in the country. If you have an existing Automated Clearing House (ACH) account, your customs broker will calculate the amount of fees and gets it paid directly from the account. In case you overpay the duty, the broker will submit the request for refund.
  • Record Keeping: The customs broker will also be responsible for retaining all the transaction records and documents safely. He will also be liable to maintain the confidentiality of all these records only between the client and the customs officials. They will also keep a track of your shipped goods and make sure that they reach the destination safely.

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